IRB Data Provisioning Guidelines

Anyone with IRB approval seeking student level, non-directory data for the purpose of research should refer to page 15 of UWM FERPA Manual, which states: 

  •  Disclosure to Support Study and Research :  Under certain circumstances, the University may disclose personally identifiable information from a student’s education records without prior consent if the disclosure is to an individual or organization conducting studies for, or on behalf of, the University to: (a) develop, validate, or administer predictive tests; (b) administer student aid programs; or (c) improve instruction. Such disclosure may be made only pursuant to a written agreement between UWM and the other party, which has been reviewed by UWM’s Office of Legal Affairs and contains appropriate protection for the education records as required by FERPA.  With respect to any student aid-related studies, please note that Section 483(a)(3)(E) of the Higher Education Act (HEA) strictly restricts the use of the FAFSA data, and states that data collected on the FAFSA form shall be used only for the application, award, and administration of aid awarded under Title IV student aid programs, state aid, or aid awarded by eligible institutions or such entities as the federal Department of Education may designate. 


Please note that aggregate data orstudent directory leveldata may be obtained as outlined below.