Premium Workspaces

Premium Workspaces and Service Design Priorities

We recognize that Premium Workspaces are required to unlock many of the powerful broad sharing capabilities of the Power BI service. It’s also required to take full advantage of Dataflows with reusable elements called “computed entities” and create paginated reports.

The DGCC (Data Governance Custodial Committee) is making a conscious choice to prioritize some of the other structural service components and data security aspects of the service for Free and Pro license holders before we develop a formal process for applying Premium Capacity to individual workspaces.

At this point, we are focusing on:

  • The hardware and personnel support for a true enterprise data gateway for refreshing Power BI data sets and reports. Currently, the Graduate School Office of Research is operating the only gateway on campus, which is not sustainable for an enterprise service.
  • Developing the appropriate security groups, processes, and training for authors and admins to secure their Power BI content. Currently, we are working on a way to secure FERPA-protected dashboards, and on further securing access to sensitive content through the data gateway.

But we expect that a Premium Workspace funding and request model will be the next thing the group develops when these initial service design priorities are accomplished. If you have an immediate need for a Premium Workspace, please email to explore your options.