Conference Submissions FAQ

FAQ: Submissions for Conference

Question: Who can submit abstracts for presentation?
A: This conference is for undergraduate work only, so whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, the paper must have been completed during your undergraduate education at participating universities.

Question: What are the requirements for the paper/abstract?
A: The paper must have substantial religious content — at least about half. Additionally, it must be a paper from your undergraduate career. The abstract should be one page, approximately 300 words. It should be 12pt font and single-spaced. Abstracts should include a title and highlight the main points of your paper, including your thesis and conclusion, the methodology used, sources used, and the relevancy/importance of your work.

Send abstracts to:

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Religious Studies Program
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Question: What is the purpose of an abstract?
A: An abstract is the basis from which it will be determined whether or not your paper will be accepted for presentation/publication. Additionally, if it is chosen for presentation it will be printed in the program for the conference.

Question: When/how will I find out if my paper is selected?
A: You will be contacted by email with whether or not you’ve been accepted for publication in the e-proceedings and/or for presentation in the conference.

Question: How will the papers/abstracts be chosen?
A: A committee of students and a professor will decide which papers are selected based on the criteria of the abstract (Read above: What are the requirements for the paper/abstract?).

Question: What goes on the day of the Conference?
A: The Conference will begin at 9am with breakfast and a welcome speech. We will then begin the breakout sessions. Each presenter will be assigned a time and room in which they will be presenting. Presenters will present in a panel with one or two other presenters. Following each panel, faculty moderators will guide a brief Q&A. We will have lunch around noon and then the final panels will present. The Conference will end around 2pm. Presenters are required to stay the entire length of the Conference.

Question: Do I get any recognition for my efforts?
A: Yes, all submitted papers will be published on UWM’s Open Access Online Publication. You can visit the site at Additionally, all Conference participants will receive a Certificate of Participation.