Conference FAQ

About the Submission Process

How long does the abstract have to be?
The abstract should be at least 300 words long. No longer than 1 page.

What format does the abstract have to be in?
It should be typed and written in grammatical English.

Where do I turn in the abstract?
Abstracts can be emailed to

How will I know if my paper has been selected?
Selected presenters will be notified via email.

What is the selection process for presenters?
Each abstract is examined by our selection committee for academic rigor and suitability.

How long does that process take?
The process takes 1-2 weeks after the submission deadline.

About the Conference and Publication of Papers

How long does the presentation have to be?
Each presentation should be no longer than 15 minutes. After each presentation, 5 minutes are allotted for questions. Presenters are strongly encouraged to practice and time their presentations ahead of time.

What kind of presentation is it?
The presentation is meant to be in the form of an Academic Presentation. Your paper will be written ahead of time and then read aloud for the audience. No power point is necessary. No need to prepare notecards or attempt to memorize your paper. If you do intend to have a visual for your presentation, please have it prepared ahead of time on a flash drive.

What is the dress code for the conference?
Business Professional. As this is meant to be a professional conference, all presenters are asked to dress accordingly. There is no dress code for guests attending the conference.

Will presenters have time to attend other presentations?
Yes. Presenters are free to attend other panels/presentations.

Are there any fees attached to the conference?
No. All presenters receive a complimentary breakfast and lunch.

Are presenters allowed to bring any guests?
Yes. We encourage you to bring family and friends. If the guests wish to eat breakfast and lunch, there is a flat $10 fee per person. You may pay upon arrival on the day of the conference.

Where will our paper be published?
Papers will be published at under the conference year and panel.

Are there any other campus or off campus orgs affiliated with the conference?
The UWM Religious Studies Program, Religious Studies Student Organization, UWM Honors College, and the UWM Students for Undergraduate Research have all provided support to the conference.