Testing Policies

Test Center Procedures and Regulations
  • The test will be administered at the day and time scheduled.
  • Every effort is made to begin tests on time. Late arrivals must reschedule.
  • Photo ID verification is required and may include a driver’s license, school ID, state ID or an ID identified for proctoring. No exam will be administered without proper identification.
  • Testing aids are not permitted unless specified in the instructions. These include but are not limited to pens, phones, smart devices, calculators, watch calculators, books, pamphlets, notes, rulers, highlighter pens, music devices, headphones, stop watches, dictionaries, translators, and any electronic or photographic devices.
  • Hats, hoods, personal watches, and smart devices may not be worn in our testing rooms.
  • Eating, drinking, or use any tobacco or smoking products is prohibited in the testing rooms.
  • No one is permitted to leave the testing room unless specified.
  • Access to personal items, such as a cell phones or study materials is not permitted during the test session.
  • Communication with other candidates during testing is prohibited.
  • Test materials, notes or scratch paper may not be removed from the testing room.
  • You may not use any personal watches or alarms during the test. There are clocks in all the testing rooms and computer lab.
  • Visitors are not allowed in the examination rooms.
Grounds for Dismissal
The test center administrator/proctor is authorized to dismiss a candidate from a test session for any of the following:

  • Attempting to take the test for someone else
  • Failing to provide acceptable identification
  • Obtaining improper access to the test, a part of the test, or information about the test
  • Using notes or any prohibited aid
  • Creating a disturbance
  • Attempting to give or receive assistance or otherwise communicate in any form with another person about the test during the administration
  • Exceeding the time permitted for a scheduled break
  • Eating or drinking in the testing room
  • Leaving the testing room or test center vicinity without permission
  • Failing to follow any of the test administration regulations given by the test administrator or specified in any test materials
Children in the Testing Center

The University of Milwaukee Testing Center does not allow unattended children in the testing area. There are no facilities for childcare within the Testing Center. University policy prohibits leaving children unattended in any campus building. This policy is to allow for the equality and standardization for those testing and for the safety of the children. Proper supervision of small children should be arranged off site prior to testing.

Proctoring Policy

UW Milwaukee offers testing via computer or paper-pencil means, at a reasonable rate in a controlled, proctored environment.

Testing Center staff Responsibilities

Testing Center staff will properly verify photo identification. Testing Center staff will actively monitor the testing room. Testing Center staff must will be responsible and competent to receive and follow all other reasonable instructions from the test provider, such as timing and providing required materials.

Test Provider Responsibilities

The test provider will be responsible for specifying to the Testing Center staff any restrictions on testing materials, including books, notes, instruments, and other aids. For web-based examinations, the test provider will also implement any restrictions and controls on the software used to deliver the tests and will supply the Testing Center staff with minimum hardware configurations, necessary passwords, and all other pertinent instructions prior to the day of the examination.

Physical Setting

The Testing Center staff will provide a quiet environment with acceptable test-taking conditions. The room(s) is dedicated to testing (but can utilize various types of testing) during the scheduled session and should have controlled access. Appropriate lighting, temperature control, and noise restrictions are considered.