Design & Disability Instruction Logo

Design & Disability Instruction Logo black and white
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Brief Description (Alt Text):

Design & Disability Instruction Logo black and white

Essential Description (Caption):

This graphic depicts text with an architectural roof-like form which contains Design & Disability Instruction. It visually shows its relation to the CDS-UA project logo by using the roof component of the CDS-UA logo, which has a city skyline interacting with a non-urban building.

Detailed Description (Description):

This is a graphic Logo. On a white background, the words “Design & Disability Instruction” are shown in bolded black lettering. Above the words “Design &” is what appears to be a slanted Green roof with the left side thicker than the right and a peak in the middle of the design. The two capital d’s in “Design” and “Disability” are interlocked and the word “Instruction” is found directly beneath the word “Disability” in a slightly smaller font.