Study attacks racial disparities in cancer with exercise

UWM Report
August 10, 2017

Alice Yan knows that beating breast cancer takes more than good medical care: It takes a community of like-minded women determined to live a healthier lifestyle.

Yan, an associate professor of community and behavioral health promotion at the Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health, recently finished a four-week group exercise program with 12 African-American breast cancer survivors. The program is part of a two-year cancer survivorship study funded by the American Cancer Society. The study aims to address significant racial disparities in breast cancer outcomes in the United States.

“African-American women have a 23 percent lower five-year relative survival rate than their white counterparts,” Yan said. “Research has shown that exercise plays a vital role in improving the lives of breast cancer survivors. Even brisk walking can be beneficial.”

Unfortunately, many breast cancer survivors do not have an active lifestyle. The next step, then, was supporting African-American women cancer survivors in making exercise part of their lifestyle…

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