Students explain public health terminology in Public Health Minute videos

The COVID-19 pandemic has put public health in the spotlight. Epidemiology is in the news every day, but many of the terms and topics may be confusing. This Spring, each Zilber School of Public Health student in PH761, the Epidemiology Field Methods course, created a video explaining a term you might hear on the TV or radio for a series we are calling, “The Public Health Minute.”

Surveillance, presented by Amanda Her

Testing Validity, presented by Kimber Meyer

Secondary Attack Rate, presented by Tessa Kohler

Epi Curves, presented by Chloe Stallion

Syndromic Surveillance, presented by Kayla Boback

Outbreak, presented by Maharshi Rawal

Base Reproductive Rate, presented by Margaret Tovar

Control Measures, presented by Gaelle Sehi

Case Fatality Rate, presented by Kyla Quigley

Disease Morphology, presented by Emiya Peer

Epidemiology, presented by Sarah Laurent

Case Definition, presented by Jenna Sperry

Contact Tracing, presented by Sarah Reed

Attack Rate, presented by Mary-Margaret Kusch