Laboratory for Public Health and Genomics

The goal of the Laboratory for Public Health Informatics and Genomics (LPHIG) in the Zilber School of Public Health (ZSPH) is to aid to inspire a better understanding of disease prevention and health promotion. LPHIG conducts research and promotes collaborations with local, regional and international public health organizations to identify and test the use of genomics, genetics, electronic health records, and other environmental data sources to achieve a reduction in inequalities in public health.

Our objective is to bring the power of emerging computational technology together with biomedical and public health informatics techniques, tools and methods to create applicable public health information and evidence. A primary focus of these efforts is to understand the implications of genetic data and knowledge on future public health initiatives and policies.

LPHIG participates in seminars, courses and workshops in the area of public health informatics, genetics and public health disparities, and investigations in gene environment implications in public health.