Public Health faculty-mentored students participate in UWM Undergraduate Research Symposium

The following undergraduate students were mentored by Zilber faculty including (soon-to-be Dr.) Rose Hennessy, and participated in UWM’s 2020 Virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium. You can see their work here.

Congratulations, and a job well done to all!

Ashley Lopez, “A Systematic Review of Effectiveness of Health Promotion Interventions for Transgender People”
Mentor: Lance Weinhardt, Public Health

Wilson Tarpey, “Comparing Toxicity of Buoyant and Non-Buoyant Microcystis Populations”
Mentors: Ryan Newton & Todd Miller, Freshwater Sciences & Public Health

Michael McMahon, “Processing of a Low Cost, Energy Efficient Internet of Things Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring Buoy”
Mentor: Todd Miller, Public Health

Nicole Carlson, “Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities in Self-Reported Childhood Body Size”
Mentors: Ellen Velie, Elizabeth Duthie & Darek Lucas, Public Health

Valerie Moscherosch, “Strengthening the Future Health Work Force: Applying the Transtheoretical Model to Improve Retention in Spanish Language Circles”
Mentor: Rose Hennessy, Public Health