Change is good


Dear Friends, Partners and Colleagues: Since early 2012 when I first hit the ground in Milwaukee, it has been a delight to tell great Zilber School stories each month. The FLASH has been filled with news about our school’s remarkable… Read More

Leaders in Action

At the August orientation for new and returning graduate students, I do a hands-on professional workshop to help them hone public health leadership skills. I start each session with the declaration: If you opt into public health, you don’t get… Read More

Visioning Success

Last month, over 30 Zilber School colleagues gathered in the Collaborating Commons to kick off a series of stakeholder conversations around our school’s vision and impact. The initial questions were to the point: What does it look like when the… Read More

Being There

When the deal was sealed to build Wisconsin’s first school of public health at UWM, one selling point was the advantage of being “there” – in Milwaukee – to address persistent social, behavioral and environmental forces that help and hinder… Read More

Yes, AND….

Scholarship recipients and donors pictured above: John Kersey (Zilber Family Foundation), Dean Magda Peck, Stephen Chevalier (Zilber Family Foundation), Sara Kohlbeck, Susan Llloyd (Zilber Family Foundation), Todd Pieper, Chang Thao, Katrina Lenz, Maggie Thelen, Nicholas Tomaro, Justin Rivas, Jennifer Kindt,… Read More

PhD Possible

Environmental Health Sciences Assistant Professor Michael Laiosa opened the doctoral dissertation defense proceedings with just the right balance of professional overture and thesis advisor’s pride. “I think it is remarkable that she is the first,” he observed with genuine appreciation…. Read More