Medical College of Wisconsin – Adult Clinical Health Psychology

This Clinical Health Psychology program at MCW provides students with training in assessment, intervention, educational, consultative and research experiences in clinical health psychology. Students have a primary supervisor in one of their areas of emphasis, and minor experiences in two areas. The students engage in didactic experiences and supervised clinical work, including consultation, assessment, and psychotherapy. Optional research activities aimed at introducing students to the field of Health Psychology are available. Through their work, students explore a range of assessment and intervention techniques, with inpatient and outpatient adult populations, and learn about the psychosocial aspects of various health issues and medical diagnoses. Clinical health psychology rotations include: Plastic Surgery, Pain Management Service, and Trauma Surgery Psychological Service. Students may attend department gran rounds across many disciplines including: psychiatry and behavioral medicine, surgery, plastic surgery, and neurology. Research experiences are available for studying the psychopathological and quality of life outcomes following acute and chronic illness and health related stress.