Calling all UWM Students:  Plan on Summer 2020 with POL SCI @ UWM and the DNC!

The Department of Political Science is pleased to offer the following opportunities to UWM students to expand their academic horizons this summer during the national convention of a major political party.

POL SCI @ UWM was excited to greet a whole bunch of interested and engaged UWM undergrads, looking for ways to expand their education through experiential learning related to the DNC, in January at a noon brown bag.  We’ll hold another session at Tuesday, March 24 at 12:30p in BOL 657 (see our EVENTS page for details).  The slides from the first presentation are below and contain links to programs of interest in case you missed  it or want to follow up on something discussed at that meeting.

Please feel free to email Professor Sara Benesh ( or Professor Hong Min Park ( with any questions you might have about our three major academic endeavors this summer, which include:

  • POL SCI 387: Topics in American Politics:  Presidential Nominations.  Learn about nominating a president, interact with colleagues with similar interests, and participate in experiences related to the DNC.  (This is a hybrid, experiential learning course.)
  • POL SCI 489 (Section 101):  Internship in Political Science.  Work with some group related to the hosting of the DNC in Milwaukee and learn from the inside what it takes to plan and execute a convention, write a party platform, protest a party convention, or cover the convention for the media.  We’re flexible and hope to offer students of a variety of interests, majors, political sympathies, and backgrounds a phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime experience this summer! (Internships will be tailored to meet student interest, to the extent possible.  Please see the slides for internships we are currently aware of.  Watch this page for updates!)
  • Washington Center’s National Conventions Seminars.  UWM is hosting students and professors from around the country as they learn about and participate in the DNC.  (The Center has been doing this since the 1980s and has great connections to find excellent fieldwork experiences for students.  It will run the same seminar from UNC-Charlotte at the RNC later in the summer.)  TEN EXCELLENT UWM STUDENTS will have the chance to experience this seminar for FREE via a competitive scholarship.  (Be sure your Scholarship Portal is up-to-date, and search for The Washington Center Internships at UWM’s Scholarship Portal.) (Students will need to also enroll in either POL SCI 387 or POL SCI 489 if they wish to obtain academic credit for the experience.)

EXCITED?  We are!!  Slides are here:  Milwaukee 2020.  Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll add you to our mailing list!  Hope to see you on MARCH 24th, 2020 at 12:30p in BOL 657 to hear more!