If on a Mobile device click here to request Safewalk

SAFEWALK Teams provide walking escorts to students, faculty, staff in order to provide additional safety to you. SAFE Walkers are student Police Department employees wearing highly visible uniforms who walk in pairs on campus and the surrounding neighborhoods. They provide personal safety escorts for students and staff between 6pm – 2am. You may access this service by approaching a SAFE Walker or calling the University Police.

All SAFEWALKERS undergo training with UWM Police and are able to assist in a variety of situations. SAFEWALKERS are trained keep an eye out for suspicious activity and are able to assist with safety related questions. Each team carries a two-way radio and is in direct contact with UWM Police. Campus community members can also sign up online for UWM Mobile App, the official campus iPhone and Android app, which includes maps, directories, bus routes, safety, B.O.S.S. schedules and more.