Department Resources

Citizens Academy Training

This 4 week training is designed to show citizens a better understanding of the training that our Officers go through, and the procedures used by our Officers. The UW-Milwaukee Police Department Citizens Academy is committed to engaging in positive communication, mutual understanding, and support between the Police Department and the Campus Community. To learn more about this training opportunity, please visit our Citizens Academy Training page.

UWM Drug, Alcohol, and Sexual Assault Victim Assistance

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Police Department is committed to the safety of students and encourages students to look out for one another. This is particularly important when students are involved with alcohol and/or drug use. Students who meet certain criteria will not face university disciplinary action or UWM Police citations for underage alcohol use and/or other drug use. To find out more, visit our Victim Assistance page.

Milwaukee Bike Theft Reduction Initiative

We are proudly partnered with the Milwaukee Police Department and several neighboring Police agencies in the Bike Theft Reduction Initiative (MKEBTR). As members of the MKEBTR we actively participate in the education of the public on best practices to secure bicycles, reporting bicycle theft, and registering bicycles. Bicyclists and friends of the community are encouraged to learn more by going to our MKEBTR page or visiting the MPD MKEBTR page.

Our Commitment to Racial Equity

The United States has a long history of racism that has left its mark on the institutions of our nation. Law enforcement is no exception. The aim of the UWM Police Department is to be a model for meaningful partnership and change. We acknowledge that there is room for improvement. Please head over to Our Commitment to Racial Equity page to learn more about what we are doing to provide a safer and more secure and just environment for all.