Solar Eclipse Parking and Transportation

Parking Map

Our Solar Eclipse event is coming up this Monday, and to avoid confusion here is a guide to making sure your eclipse day doesn’t get bogged down by logistics.

If you are coming by car we recommend parking in the Union or NWQ garage on the day of the event for a fee. Please refer to the Transportation Services Parking Map for specific locations. There will also be limited parking in the Lubar Garage.

We recommend using an alternative method of transportation to come to our event if at all possible. MCTS has several routes that come directly to campus, more information about those routes can be found here. There are several Bublr Bikes stations around Milwaukee and on UWM campus (right next to the event). Specific locations can also be found on the Transportation Services Map (select the bike icon on the top, then Bublr Bike share stations).

Another method of transportation is Lyft or Uber.

The Sciences parking will not be available for parking the day of the event. There will be signage around campus to direct drivers to the appropriate lots. We want everyone to have a stellar time at this historic event. For more information about the eclipse, check out our show Sun’s Disappearing Act to learn about the history and culture behind eclipses. If you want more technical info, go to NASA’s official eclipse page.