Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday with us! Blast by colorful planets, meet heroes and monsters in the sky, and explore the constellations of the cosmos.

To reserve a birthday party, submit a Request Form at least 2 weeks in advance of your visit.

Although our programs are family friendly, stargazing requires complete darkness and is not intended for children under 4.

Fees and Format

Birthday parties cost $150 for 60 minutes and up to 68 visitors (no more than 40 children). You experience a live presentation that includes one of the show topics below and a tour of the night sky featuring the constellations and their stories.

For an additional $40, extend your visit with hands-on activities. For no additional fee, open presents in the party room (by request).

Show Topics

Starry Safari | Ages 4 – 7
Travel though space to visit the animals of the night sky and hear their stories! Test your skill at finding the animals in the stars.

Solar System Expedition | Ages 4 and up
Explore the solar system and marvel at the Sun’s powerful flares, Jupiter’s swirling storms, and Saturn’s intriguing moons. Travel to the icy worlds of the Kuiper Belt and behold the latest discoveries from Juno and New Horizons. Return to Earth to gaze at the night sky as you search for constellations from the Big Dipper to Orion.

Greek Myths | Ages 4 and up
Crash onto the shores of ancient Greece and see where the gods and heroes rest in the sky. Follow the hero Hercules as he clashes with mythical creatures from Leo the lion to Hydra the serpent. Witness the stars brought to life as you identify constellations that immortalize Greek myths.

Astronomical Wonders | Ages 10 and up
Explore the cosmos on this whirlwind journey from the solar system to the farthest corners of the universe. Tour thrilling highlights of our own solar system, such as solar storms and the rings of Saturn, before heading out to visit stars and exoplanets in the Milky Way galaxy. Behold the Milky Way on a collision course with its neighbor Andromeda as you travel into the depths of space to glimpse our universe in its infancy.


Activities cost $40 per activity for 20 minutes.

Uniview | Ages 6 and up
Use our Uniview space simulation software to fly around the universe and see your favorite space objects up close. Limit: 40 children.

Cup a Constellation | Ages 10 and up
Make your favorite constellation on a cup and shine it on the planetarium dome using a flashlight for everyone to see! Limit: 22 children.

Party Room

For no additional cost, reserve the party room for 30 minutes before and 45 minutes after your program. You are welcome to bring your own decorations, food, and beverages but please note that you are responsible for clean-up.

Invitations and Thank You Notes

Print your own invitations and thank you notes for your guests!


Thank You Notes

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the planetarium offer membership discounts for Birthday Parties?
We do not offer membership discounts for Birthday Parties at this time.

What if my child is afraid of the dark?
If your child is afraid of the dark, we invite you to attend the program with them. Feel free to bring a blanket or a favorite stuffed animal, as long as it does not light up or make noise!