Moving to Mars

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Moving to Mars activity challenge

Join the fun with our at-home Moving to Mars activities–fun for adults and kids alike!

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Moving to Mars Activity #1: Grow a Potato

Activity #1: Grow a Potato (PDF)

One purpose for the exploration of Mars, is to determine whether the Red Planet can support life. Life can be found in plants. The soil here on Earth supports and maintains the growth of plants and life. As a member of our mission to Mars you must understand how to grow and maintain the life of a plant. This potato activity will help supply you with that knowledge. How long does it take to sprout a potato? Maybe you have already seen potatoes sprout on their own.

Moving to Mars Activity #2 Distance to Mars

Activity #2: The Distance to Mars (PDF)

We want to show why going to Mars is a much more challenging task than the Moon (and the Moon is hard enough).

Moving to Mars Activity #3 Edible Rover

Activity #3: Edible Mars Rover (PDF)

Calling all space engineers, a mission to Mars has been approved but we need your help. Our vehicles for exploration are unfit for the Mars terrain and we need you to build a new Mars rover to help with our mission.

Moving to Mars Activity #4 Mars Helicopter 

Activity #4: Mars Helicopter (PDF)

We need your help once again space engineer. NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover will be launching in July of 2020 and will be carrying the first helicopter to the surface of Mars. This helicopter must be lightweight to fly on Mars but have large blades that can rotate quickly. This is so the helicopter can generate enough power to overcome the gravity of the Red Planet and lift it off the surface. With this mission, if you choose to accept, you will build your own paper helicopter.

Moving to Mars Activity #5 Make a Space Suit

Activity #5: Make a Space Suit (PDF)

It seems NASA has misplaced your space suit for the upcoming mission to Mars. It is your duty as an astronaut to be prepared for any circumstance, this includes making your own space suit. The following information will provide you with the materials and steps to create a successful, homemade space suit.