Exploring the Culture of the Taino

The UWM Planetarium recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the Roberto Hernández Center and UWM Sociocultural Programming to put on a special event, Mother Earth, Father Sky: The Taíno Culture. The Taíno culture was an indigenous group of the Greater Antilles/Caribbean (which include islands and countries such Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico). Our special guest speaker, Luis Lopez, was able to bring in dozens of unique, genuine artifacts from the Taíno people. These artifacts ranged from prized jewelry, to pipes, to even an original stool that was designed for tribal leaders of the Taíno.

Guests were also treated to a live dance and musical performance. The night was topped off by special Caribbean themed catering including handmade cookies with the Taíno symbol for the sun crafted onto them. Many audience members shared their knowledge of this important culture.