Music Under the Stars

Sunday brought many people seeking warmth from the chilly weather inside the planetarium to be taken back to the middle ages. Tim Sterner Miller and his students performed what was once dance music from the renaissance to a planetarium full … Continue Reading »

An Odyssey of a Show

October 23rd marked the end of the Wisconsin Science Festival with two performances of Odyssey Under the Stars. The show, which had one of the highest attendances of the festival, was a storytelling event that took the audience back to … Continue Reading »

Flying through Space

Imagine flying through space. Whizzing past planets, moons, stars, and even galaxies. This isn’t something that we can normally do, but with a little technology we can see what it would be like. Last week at our Astrobreak we premiered … Continue Reading »

Another Year, S’more Stars

Last week we hosted one of our favorite yearly events, Stars and S’mores. This year we tried something new by incorporating a t-shirt tie-dye event where anyone could come dye a special Planetarium 50th anniversary t-shirt with all the colors of the galaxy!… Continue Reading »