We invite your school group to explore astronomical topics at the Manfred Olson Planetarium theater! This page provides planning information and resource materials to make the most of your visit. We appreciate your feedback!

Our shows are priced based on the number of students in your group. Below is a price breakdown.

  • Less than 26 students: $40
  • 26 or more students: $60*
  • 68 is the maximum group size.

Hands-On Activities: $40 – 80 (based on age, number of students, and activity).

* If 85% or more of your students are on free or reduced lunch, please get in touch.

Please fill out a Request Form HERE. Once you’ve submitted the form, Jean will get in contact with you for further confirmation.

After we have agreed upon a date and time, we will email you an invoice form. Kindly arrange for the check and reservation invoice form to arrive before your scheduled program. Please send a completed copy of the invoice form and a check made to

“The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee” to:
UWM Physics/Planetarium
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Show Structure

The planetarium show is 55-60 minutes long and consists of:

  • Summary of the program and expectations (5 minutes)
  • Tour of the solar system (Depending on grade; topic may vary) (15-20 minutes)
  • Description of constellations and objects in the current night sky (20-25 minutes)
  • Summary and a question and answer period (5-10 minutes))

The show can be shortened for young audiences or altered to meet special needs. Other topics are available upon request such as programs for middle school and high school.

Show Options

The planetarium offers custom shows that are geared towards different school groups.

Wonders of Space | K – 2
Blast off and explore our star and planets. Stay up all night and look for star patterns in the sky.

Expedition Solar System | 3 – 5
Fly through our solar system. Learn about Earth’s rotation and revoltion and uncover some cool constellations on the way.

Exploring The Universe | 6 – 8
Discover the Earth’s place in the solar system and our Galaxy. Learn about the life of stars and travel through a black hole.

Uncovering the Cosmos | High School
Choose a topic: solar system exploration, life of a star, the evidence for the Big Bang, or constellations in all seasons.

Optional Hands-On Activities
We offer optional hands-on activities that last 15-20 minutes depending on the activity and age group.

Earth’s Amazing Moon (K-G2)

Students use playdough to make an Earth and Moon system. Depending on their grade, students use different math and problem skills. This activity is suitable for up to 22 students per group.

Solar System to Scale (G2-G8)

Students are divided into groups to make a scale model of the solar system along the length of an indoor hallway. The students are given instructions on how many tiles they need between various planets. This activity is suitable for up to 22 students per group.

Star Charts (G3-12)

Students learn to use star charts to more easily identify 5-7 constellations in the sky. This activity is suitable for up to 68 students.

Teacher Feedback on Star Charts

“The students really enjoyed being able to identify the constellations—something I’m unsure they experience living in the city.” –Rae Anne Frey, G4, Milwaukee Academy of Science

“Very informative. Something they can take back to school and utilize in the classroom with lessons.” –Harrer, G3, Atlas Prep Academy

Students may eat their own lunches in the cafeteria on the ground level of the UWM Union building, a short walk east of the Planetarium. In warm weather, students are welcome to eat lunch outdoors.

Resource Materials

Materials for classes have been separated into four grade ranges. Each grade range includes:

  • Activities
  • Videos
  • Discussion Questions
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading Options

Check out our other resources on our Teachers Resources Page.

Other Questions
How do I get to UWM and where do I find parking?
See the Directions and Parking webpage for maps and instructions.