Declaration of Major

The faculty advisors for Physics are:

  • Dr. David Kaplan
  • Dr. Michael Weinert
  • Dr. Robert Wood

To schedule a meeting with the Physics advisors or for information regarding the Physics major program, transfer course equivalency for physics courses, and repeat permission, email physics-ugadvisor. Advising appointments are scheduled on Thursday afternoons 3-5 pm during the semester. Please note that the faculty advisors cannot deal with questions about programmatic matters that do not involve physics courses: to deal with such questions you should contact your program/academic advisor.

If you wish to contact the Physics advisors about transfer course equivalences, please make sure that you have the syllabus of the course for which you are seeking a transfer equivalent.

After completing 15 credits and before 75 credits have been earned, students must declare a major by contacting the appropriate academic department or program. Failure to declare the major before 75 credits have been earned may result in a delay of graduation. To declare the major, please make an appointment with the faculty advisors. For more information about general degree requirements, please go to College of Letters & Science Degree Requirements page or, if you are a current UWM student with general questions, contact the Advising office at (414) 229-4654.