Nataliya Palatnik

Assistant Professor, Graduate Admissions Chair
 Curtin Hall 627


PhD, Harvard University

Selected Publications

Palatnik, N. (Forthcoming). Kant on Good Will. Steven M. Cahn (Ed.). Understanding Kant’s Groundwork. Hackett Publishing.
Palatnik, N. (2022, September). Kantian freedom at a distance. British Journal for the History of Philosophy.
Palatnik, N. (2022, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). Towards the Highest Good: Endless Progress and Its Totality in Kant’s Moral Argument for the Postulate of Immortality. Journal of Transcendental Philosophy, De Gruyter.
Palatnik, N. (2018). Kantian Agents and Their Significant Others. Kantian Review , Cambridge University Press, 23.2, 285-306.
Palatnik, N. (2018). The Ideal of the Highest Good and the Objectivity of Moral Judgment. Kant Yearbook 2018 , De Gruyter, 125-148.
Boehm, M., & Palatnik, N. (2017). Causation in Modern Philosophy, Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy Online.