Stan Husi

Associate Professor, Speakers Coordinator
 Curtin Hall 635

Stan Husi’s website


PhD, Rice University

Research Interests

Ethics, Metaethics, Social & Political Philosophy, Moral Psychology.

Teaching Interests

Ethics, metaethics, social justice, and business ethics.

Selected Publications

Husi, S. (Forthcoming). Money and Morality – A Comparison of two Social Technologies.
Husi, S. (Forthcoming). Subjectivism, the Problem of Appraisal, and the Nature of Valuing: A Defense of The Concern-Cluster Theory.
Husi, S. (2017). Why We (almost certainly) are Not Moral Equals. Journal of Ethics.
Husi, S. (2015). On David Owen’s Shaping the Normative Landscape. Jurisprudence: An International Journal of Legal and Political Thought.
Husi, S. (2014). Against Moral Fictionalism. Journal of Moral Philosophy, 11(1), 80-96.
Husi, S. (2013). ‘Why Reasons Skepticism is Not Self-Defeating’. European Journal of Philosophy, 21(3), 424-449.
Husi, S. (2011). Is Promising a Practice and Nothing More? Sheinman, H. (Ed.). Promises and Agreements: Philosophical Essays. Oxford University Press.
Döring, K., & Husi, S. (2010). Klaus Döring, ‘The Students of Socrates’. Morrison, D. R. (Ed.). The Cambridge Companion to Socrates.