Administrative Access to PAWS

The following information is for Faculty and Staff only.

NOTE: Please do not submit any PAWS access forms until the FERPA training/quiz has been successfully completed. We are also not able to grant any PAWS access until the HR appointment with employment information has come though to PAWS.

  1. Establish an EPanther ID and Password if you do not already have one.
  2. Complete the FERPA Tutorial and Quiz. No one is granted access to PAWS until the FERPA quiz has been successfully completed.
  3. Complete the appropriate PAWS Authorization Request Form from table below.
    • These PDF forms can be filled out online and printed for signatures.
    • Be sure to read the ‘Acknowledgement of Expectations’ on the authorization form.
    • If you have questions about data access, fill contact the email/person listed on the form.
  4. Have your supervisor sign the form and forward it to the email address/person listed at the bottom of each form. The supervisor’s phone number and ePantherID are required, and the form will be returned if that information is not provided.
  5. Once you have been authorized, you will receive your access confirmation from UITS Security Staff via email.
Functional Area Form(s) Contact
Registrar’s Office/Admissions: Used for access to admissions data/processing, academic advisement reports, transcripts, schedule of classes, and all other student records and curriculum areas data/processes.
Financial Aid: Used for access to view or update student Financial Aid, including processing scholarships.
Student Financials: Used for access to view or update Student Financial information, such as tuition/fee charges and remissions processing (a one-on-one training session is required before remissions processing access is granted, please contact to make arrangements).
Technical/UITS: Used for access to the development and test environment of PAWS (not live data, typically for testing and developing functions in PAWS to be released at a later date), and other technical access. These forms are rarely needed for staff outside of UITS, Registrar’s, Admissions, Financial Aid, and Student Financials offices.

Anyone needing to be added to the advisor table (which allows you to be assigned as an advisor to students, and grants access to the Advisor Center in PAWS) will also need to complete the FERPA Tutorial and Quiz. Once completed, please email to be added.

If you already have access to one functional area, please complete a form for each new functional area. Additional access for a functional area you have a form submitted for can be emailed to the contact at the bottom of the functional area form. FERPA training only needs to be completed once. Changes in position and/or departments will require a new form to be submitted, as access granted in a previous position will be removed.