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Besides the resources provided by PASS, there are many other resources available for students to use. Click on each page for more information.

Learning Apps & Websites

Coursera – Allows individuals to enroll in free online courses in addition to streaming or downloading course lectures.

Udemy – The option to enroll in courses and view on demand for free or a small fee (depending on the course).

Lynda – Learning service offered through a paid subscription that provides video tutorials in a variety of topics.

Code Academy – Free hands-on courses that teach coding basics.

Open Culture – Collection of free educational and cultural media that can be accessed in one location.

Academic Earth – Website offering free online video courses.

HandSpeak – Students majoring in ASL can practice what they are learning through: vocabulary review, tutorials, fingerspelling and culture exploration.

Kahoot – Online learning environment to test/strengthen your knowledge on various subjects.

Thinglink – The ability to learn by clicking on or scrolling over an image or video, which displays important information.

My Study Life – Ad-free planning app that also has the ability to send reminders to mobile devices of upcoming deadlines.

PreparED:Essentials – For those students who place into pre-college level courses, this website offers study aids to prepare them for college-level work by brushing up on basic skills.

Assistive Aids:

WordTalk – Free downloadable software that uses text-to-speech capabilities for Microsoft Word.

Ghotit Real Writer – Spell checker application for sale for people who have Dyslexia, Dysgraphia or other like learning medical conditions.

Gerlingo – Free text prediction assistant that gives suggestions for the next best words (iPhone and iPad compatible only).

ER Browser – Useful for people who have been diagnosed with Dyslexia or sufferers of visual stress, by allowing users to choose preferred fonts and colors in order to browse the web.

Dyslexia Connect – Online service that provides tutoring for a fee.

Ginger – Provides: grammar checker, sentence rephraser, text reader, dictionary and more.

CO:Writer Universal – Word prediction app with built-in speech recognition.

MindManager – Mind mapping software that allows users to brainstorm ideas visually.

AutiPlan – A visual daily routine schedule and organizer

QuickCues – Social script app that helps students navigate new social situations by developing new social skills.

MyTalk Tools – Allows individuals with limited speech capabilities to communicate via text and pre-recorded expressions and sounds.

Audio Notetaker – Captures live recordings or imports audio from lectures and meetings.

SymWriter 2 – Offers symbol-supported word processor capabilities (users can write with symbols or texts, import graphics to augment meaning and spell check with symbols and speech recognition option).