Faculty and Staff Resources

PASS at UW-Milwaukee offers many different programs and services to enhance student learning.  In-person Supplemental Instruction review sessions and tutoring sessions are held campus-wide, including in the Golda Meir Library, Student Success Center, Cunningham Hall, and in the UWM residence halls.  Our online and blended review sessions allow students to attend a review session remotely, and view an archive of the session after it is complete.

More information about PASS programs and services may be found below:

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction is offered by PASS primarily for large lecture courses at the 100 and 200 levels. Each SI leader attends one professor’s  course and conducts four weekly review sessions and two walk-in desk hours at one of our PASS centers.  All students in the course can participate in these groups to discuss content for that week’s lectures. SI leaders also incorporate active learning and college study strategies into their review sessions. Many also conduct online or blended exam reviews using our Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing system. SI leaders work with professors to emphasize important course concepts to support students’ academic success.

Weekly Small Group Tutoring

Group tutoring is a great way to supplement students’ classroom learning. Students work with a tutor in groups of five or less. The tutor can give individualized attention to the student’s needs, while at the same time the student will benefit from the questions and experience of the other group members. Groups meet once or twice a week.

Walk-In Tutoring

Our PASS desk attendants in Library E154 and NWQ 1932 are tutors who can help students with the occasional question or help them sign up for a Supplemental Instruction review session or tutoring group for the student’s subject.

Online and Blended Tutoring

PASS offers online and blended review sessions as another way to supplement classroom learning. Weekly online tutoring sessions are available for most online courses (by appointment), and online or blended exam review sessions are available for a limited number of courses.