NetTutor tutoring


PASS offers UWM undergraduate students up to 5 free hours of NetTutor after-hours online tutoring each semester.  Use NetTutor for immediate evening and weekend online support.


Stuck on a problem late at night?  PASS offers free after-hours tutoring to UWM undergraduate students through NetTutor.  Each UWM student may use 5 free hours of NetTutor per course per semester.

The NetTutor tutoring team is comprised of teachers and tutors who have a demonstrated interest in helping students succeed. All tutors have taken a rigorous subject-area exam to show that they are qualified for a tutoring position. Each tutor has strengths in his or her field that are shared with the tutoring team, so all tutors benefit from working together in a collaborative, academic, and professional atmosphere. Tutors are trained not only in the best practices, but also in learning theory and supporting adult learners.

NetTutor believes in a customized tutoring experience, rather than “one-size-fits-all” tutoring. With a library of textbooks and other educational materials, they are able to understand how to best help students. Using the Socratic Method, tutors guide students through problems or concepts, but never present answers. This approach develops students’ critical thinking skills and encourages them to persevere!

Using NetTutor

First, log-in to D2L and click on your PASS tutoring link.  Click on the the NetTutor tab near the top of the page, and register using the “Register Now” link.  You will be given a unique NetTutor login ID and password and 5 free hours of NetTutor service.

The NetTutor service is available from 12am-10am and 7pm-11:59pm.

For more information, please watch the videos below.