Individual File Storage

If you utilized pantherFILE for the storage of your personal documents, you will be migrating your files to OneDrive for Business. This service has a few key features that allow for easy access and efficient usage:

  • Integrated part of Office 365 suite
  • A full terabyte of storage space, with more coming
  • Mobile access
  • Document sharing and collaboration options

Please note: Personal documents are those that are infrequently, if ever, shared with others and are not critical to ensuring the continuity of business or academic operations.

For more information about OneDrive for Business please visit our Office 365 website.

Migrating to OneDrive for Business

To begin migrating to OneDrive for Business, use the following steps:

Determine which OneDrive Sync Client is appropriate for you:

University Computer
Personal (or a non-IT managed University Computer)


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