Testing + Services

Resting Metabolic Rate

Your resting metabolic rate is the amount of energy required to sustain life’s vital functions such as breathing. It accounts for 50 to 65% of daily energy expenditure and can be important information to assist you in regulating your weight. Resting metabolic rate requires the participant to come to the lab after an overnight fast. Once you arrived to the lab we will have you lie down on a comfortable table and we will place a hood over your head to analyze the air you breath for 15-45 minutes. Pre-test instructions will be provided when you make an appointment.

General Public: $60    Student: $48

Body Fat or Body Composition Analysis

Dual Energy X-Ray Absortiometry (DXA)

In the Physical Activity and Health Research Laboratory we are interested in using the DXA for assessment of body composition. The DXA can estimate 3 compartments of body composition including fat mass, bone mineral and mineral free lean tissue. DXA uses a low dosage of radiation to assess body composition, including percent body fat. This amount of radiation is similar to the amount of radiation you receive when spending the day outside in the sun, or during an airplane flight from New York to Los Angeles. Testing and interpretation of the results typically can last from 20-45 minutes. Pre-test instructions will be provided when you make an appointment.

General Public: $120    Student: $96

Exercise Testing

Maximal Exercise Test

Maximal exercise tests require participants to be connected to a gas analyzer that measures the amount of oxygen you consume and how much CO2 you produce. Maximal exercise testing is typically performed on a treadmill with progressively increasing speed and/or grade lasting 8-12 minutes. The maximal amount of oxygen you can consume is an indication of cardiorespiratory health and fitness level. High VO2 max is generally correlated with lowered disease risk. This information can be used to develop a training program, to guage the effectivness of a training program, and to estimate your cardio-respiratory fitness level. Pre-test instructions will be provided when you make an appointment.

General Public: $80    Student: $64

Service Request Form

  • Upon submitting your information a lab staff member will contact you to schedule an appointment and go over any pertinent pretesting concerns.

    The lab reserves the final decision in performing any of the lab services based on an implied health risk from past or present health conditions.

Current Studies

We currently need research participants for the following studies:

Free Living Activity Calibration

Purpose of the study:

The purpose of this study is to test how well small, wearable devices called accelerometers measure activity levels. These have been tested in lab settings, but now we want to see how well they work in the real world.

Who is eligible to participate?

Participants will be included in the current study if they are 18+ years, can ambulate on their own and been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, suffered a Stroke, have a upper or lower body movement impairment or who are low functioning. Exclusion from the current study will include uncontrolled high blood pressure, those who are wheelchair reliant, assistive device reliant, diagnosed cognitive impairment or inability to follow study procedures such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

How much time is required for participation?

This research study will consist of four meetings with the first at UWM and the other 3 in your home for 2.5-3.5 hours each. The first visit will take place at our the Physical Activity & Health Research lab.

What will I be asked to do if I participate in the study?

The first visit will involve the completion of a questionnaire regarding health, measures of height, weight, and resting heart rate and blood pressure. Additionally, you will complete a functional and strength test as well as walking tests. Further, you will wear a few monitors on the body at the hips, thigh, and wrists and also a wearable camera on the body as you complete various activities of daily living in the home or senior center while we monitor and record what you do for 2 hours. We will complete this session a total of 3 different times in the home or at the senior center. Lastly, you will wear 4 monitors for 7 days between the visits, as well as a camera for one of the seven days, so we can get an idea of how active and sedentary you are followed by a two surveys assessing the amount of pain you have been feeling and how active you are.

Will I receive any benefit if I participate in the study?

We will provide information on height, weight, resting blood pressure and heart rate. Further, you will receive a $25 gift card after successfully completing each visit for a total of $100.


The Physical Activity and Health Research Laboratory is located at

2400 E. Hartford Ave.
Enderis Hall, Room 434
Milwaukee, WI 53211

The Laboratory is located in Enderis Hall, which is the tall cement building located on the North side of Hartford Avenue between Maryland and Downer Avenues.  Hartford Avenue crosses Lake Drive, Downer, or Oakland Avenue.

Enderis Hall

From the South

I-94 to I-43 north to the Locust Street exit. East on Locust to Downer Avenue, north on Downer to the campus.

From the North

I-43 south to the Capitol Drive exit. East on Capitol to Downer Avenue, south on Downer to the campus.

From the West

I-94 east to I-43. North on I-43 to the Locust Street exit. East on Locust to Downer Avenue, north on Downer to campus.

If you have any conflicts with your appointment date/time and need to reschedule, please contact the Physical Activity and Health Research Laboratory at (414) 229-4392.