UWM Virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium: Outstanding Presentation Award Winners

Congratulations to the following Outstanding Presentation Award winners at the 2020 UWM Virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium:

Bella Biwer, “Urban Safety and Resistance: Sherman Park, MKE,” mentor: Arijit Sen, Architecture

Noah Graff, “Generative Adversarial Networks: Ultrasound Image Translation,” mentor: Istvan Lauko and Adam Honts, Mathematical Sciences

Gabriel Heller de Messer and Chantel Jenrette, “Kelp Gametophyte Culturing and Genetic Analysis Techniques for Conservation and Breeding,” mentors: Filipe Alberto, Gabriel Montecinos, and Rachael Wade, Biological Sciences

Raunak Khaitan, “Real-time Mobility Assistance for the Legally Blind,” mentor: Mohammad Rahman, Biomedical Engineering

Nathan Kohls, “Deep Learning Applications in Wastewater Treatment,” mentor: Rudi Strickler, Biological Sciences

Emma Kraco, “Water Temperature and Salinity Affect the Nutrition and Physical Size of Perca flavescens Embryos,” mentor: Dong Fang Deng, School of Freshwater Sciences

Raga Madhuri Podugu, “A Mobile Application for Monitoring Community Mobility in Children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta,” mentor: Jacob Rammer, Biomedical Engineering

Aleia Olson, “Sex Differences in Immediate Early Genes in Retrosplenial Cortex Following Context Fear Learning,” mentor: James Moyer, Hanna Yousuf, and Chad Smies, Psychology

Claire Piehowski, “Differences in Approaches to Feeding Children as a Function of Parent Marital Status,” mentor: Hobart Davies and Paulina Lim, Psychology

Madeline Rech, “Nail Biting and Nail Picking: A Comparison of Related Behaviors,” mentors: Han Joo Lee and Abel S. Mathew, Psychology

Emily Ruder and Jacob Rankin, “Small-Scale Sustainable Charcoal Production in Kenya,” mentor: Mai Phillips, Conservation and Environmental Science

Giorgio Sarro, “An Investigation of Post-Transition Extremes for Extratropically Transitioning Tropical Cyclones,” mentor: Clark Evans, Atmospheric Sciences

Mary Widener, Casey Phipps, Meghan Berger, Peter Green, Ava Hager & Hope Glassel, “The World After Us: Imaging Techno-Aesthetic Futures,” mentor: Nathaniel Stern, Art & Design