Taking Back Our Worlds with Dr. Arijit Sen

Taking Back our Worlds: Conversations during times of Social Distancing is a publicly engaged-Humanities project that explores the historical and contemporary conditions of social and environmental injustice in the city of Milwaukee. This collaborative project engages residents from Milwaukee’s Washington Park and Sherman Park neighborhoods, students from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, MIAD, Marquette University, and other cities outside Wisconsin.  Other collaborators include scholars associated with the Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures field school, and a group of community experts from a network of 20 cities connected by the Newark-based Humanities Action Lab organization. We focus on a long history of community struggles around housing and food justice, this public history project highlights everyday human struggles and solidarities in search of a just society in Milwaukee.

Join us for a conversation about the long history of community struggles around housing and food justice in Milwaukee neighborhoods. This conversation will highlight everyday human struggles while emphasizing the narratives of local resistance and transformations that showcase the innovative and creative world that exists in Milwaukee’s most marginalized neighborhoods. We will safely deliver packages of fresh food from local growers and creatively designed zines that tell these stories of injustice and resistance, to residents of Sherman Park and Washington Park.

To move the conversation even further, we have invited partners from Humanities Action Lab and Newark, NJ to participate with our local community leaders in online discussions centered around housing and food injustice while focusing on the community solutions that offer resilient answers to these concerns. Join us on August 8, 15, 22, and 29 at 11am to listen and contribute to our ongoing dialogue working towards taking back our world. 

Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures-Summer Field School.