Wide Scale Use of Cellular and Smart Concrete

College of Engineering and Applied Science / Civil & Environmental


Aim to increase use of industrial use of cellular concrete and smart concrete. There has been a lot of research on these materials but still they lack large scale industrial use. We want to create awareness about these materials and try to bring them intolarge scale use.
They will be very cost efficient only if they have a large demand from the market.
We would approach the industry to try and understand why they may not want to use these materials. We aim to understand these issues and work to make these materials more user friendly.
We would like to perform practical experiments to tackle these issues and then verify the results to make it work for them. |

Tasks and Responsibilities

Students will meet with the contractors and the structural engineers, ask them about the materials and understand their issues regarding these materials.
The student will creatively resolve these issues and make the material more user friendly.
They will do intensive literature research about the developments in the various parts of the world to make the best suitable product for the industry.

Desired Qualifications