Solid Rocket Engine Study

College of Engineering and Applied Science / Mechanical Engineering


In this project the student will construct and run a test of a gas turbine that is set up in the UWM Lab. A unique point of this project is to injecting air bubbles in the combustion chamber. The work will be performed by designing an effective aeration mechanism to generate well mixed air/waterline bubbles through a newly developing aeration air nozzles. It is the student's assessment of how he can create good designs of the injection nozzles.

Tasks and Responsibilities

To evaluate and analyze the oxygen transfer into the aluminum molten flow in a propulsion chamber, the student must study the air-water two-phase mixture theory, and apply the best oxygenation mechanism through the experiments. The student will set up a closed-loop in a water lab and operate the hydro turbine machine. He will measure flow and particles performance through the data acquisition system.

Desired Qualifications

None Listed