Immersive Media Lab: Visual Communication within Immersive Media

Peck School of the Arts / Art & Design


The Immersive Media Lab focuses on the technologies and mediums of the future. We're looking at the emerging field of Extended Reality in connection with other academic disciplines. Our lab is an interdisciplinary research space with a mindset that creativity is the denominator between the arts and sciences. Researchers from all over UWM can explore how these new options augment their research through the embodiment of their data, dynamic interactions with the information the data yields, and enhances their efforts through networked collaborative learning.

In 2017-2018, the Immersive Media Lab's inaugural year, our team hosted an AR experience called 'Ephemeral Forest' at the Sharon Lynn Wilson Center for the Arts, we presented Moon Phases for the Innovators Expo and hosted 3 community events: Underground Science Society: Immersive Realities, Creativity within Immersion at the Var Gallery, and MakeShift:VR Social at Brinn Labs.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Individuals who participate in the lab will leave with an unparalleled technical facility as well as understand the value of exactly what both education and businesses today need: intrinsically motivated individuals who have experience collaborating in interdisciplinary teams, understand the value of iteration, channels of communication, and are not afraid of failure as it is integral to the process of innovation and culture building. Each month the lab delivers talks and hosts immersive experiences. These occur on campus and also in the community.

Desired Qualifications

None listed