Humanoid Robot Motion Design

College of Engineering and Applied Science / Biomedical Engineering


The objective of this project is to design computer programs to drive a humanoid robot to perform different motions for physical and cognitive exercise. This project is part of a more sophisticated research on the design and development of a robotic exercise tutor for older adults. In this research project, a humanoid robot will be programmed to teach older adults body movements. It will also give cognitive exercise prompts using its postures. The student will need to help a graduate student to adjust some existing Tai Chi postures, such as breaking long movements into different segments, and develop new movements based on the needs of the project. The motions need to be carefully adjusted to make sure the humanoid robot can keep its balance when demonstrate the movements.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The student's tasks include:
1) Helping a graduate student to design and adjust robot motions for physical and cognitive exercise;
2) Developing computer programs to display and control the designed robot motions;
3) Writing research documents and articles.
4) Designing robot speech scripts to coordinate with robot's motions.
5) Develop computer programs to synchronize robot's speech with motions;

Desired Qualifications

None listed