Emotion and Physiology

College of Letters and Science / Psychology


In this research project, participants will complete both self-report measures of personality and life events/stress assessments. Not many studies have used direct manipulation of autonomic nervous system regulation through manipulation of tachtile sensory inputs; thus, the International Affective Picture System (IAPS) will be used to induce positive and negative affective responses. Self-report measures of emotions will be administered after writing exercises, during as well as after the presentation of IAPS image sets. Cardiovascular reactivity measures, including heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure, will be recorded throughout the experiment to assess the effects of self-affirmation on physiological responses.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The student will be required to code and process complicated autonomic nervous system data and to learn data analytic techniques useful for demonstrating outcomes of the research. They will work closely with me in analyzing the data and writing reports/posters for presentation at conferences.

Desired Qualifications

None listed