Earth Art Project

Peck School of the Arts / Art & Design


Project Objectives: Following on from The World After Us, my exhibition that puts at human-scale various problem-solution spaces for electronic waste, what I am for the moment calling “Art of the Eschaton” will instead look at issues surrounding mining for rare earth minerals, energy consumption, and energy storage. For the earth art project, we are working with geographer Rina Ghose on researching what minerals are needed for electronics production, where it comes from, and the impact of mining practices and production. This will wind up as, at the least, a large-scale installation that embodies mineral waste in a way that is made felt by viewers, and a “story map” that explicates the implications therein.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The student will be mainly reading, writing, and collecting data around what rare earth minerals are necessary for phones, computers, and (most specifically lithium-ion) batteries, where they come from, and the mining practices (and there impacts) therein. As the student collects this data, they will brainstorm around modes of embodying and re-presenting that data as stories and affects, in a map and installation.

Desired Qualifications