Dramaturgical Research for Arthur Miller’s All My Sons

Peck School of the Arts / Theater


As a professor of playwriting in the Theatre department, I teach students how to serve as dramaturgs for theatrical productions. Being a dramaturg typically entails, but is not limited to, reading scripts for a play or musical, providing research to support a theatrical production, researching specific areas of interest, and presenting research to the director as well as the cast of the production.

For spring 2019, I intend to provide dramaturgical support for the Theatre Department’s production of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons. The play will be presented March 6-10 in the Mainstage theater space. Directed by faculty member Jim Tasse, All My Sons was the Winner of the Drama Critics’ Award for Best New Play in 1947. The results of the dramaturgical research for this production will then be presented to the director and cast of All My Sons.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The student's duties include: reading Arthur Miller’s All My Sons; identifying themes and imagery utilized in the text; biographical research for playwright Arthur Miller; one-on-one meetings with the director; collaborating with the director to select a topic of interest for All My Sons; research a topic of interest identified by director and dramaturg

Desired Qualifications

None listed