Divergent Fates: Tree Intuiting Chair: graft

Peck School of the Arts / Art & Design


This project aims to explore the existence and experience of things, not through a human lens, but through their own unique phenomenology. In a larger body of work, our goal is to examine the separate possible lives a tree can live out when acted upon by humans, changing into furniture, paper, and sometimes back again, through the lens of the objects themselves (the three architypes: tree, chair, and paper). With this project we ask: if a Tree was to intuit a Chair, what would it be like? By growing and shaping trees into chairs, through a process of bending and grafting young trees, this piece imagines the Tree's conception and understanding of the Chair. Over the course of 4-5 years, we are growing a number of chairs from saplings at the Lynden Sculpture Garden, to produce usable sculptures. As a long term Artist in Residence, in March 2019 I've planted 34 saplings of the species Poplus Tremeloides and Quaking Aspen in patterns defining the chair designs, grafted multiple branches, built supports and started bending trees into the chair shapes. We will document the process and finished sculptures and utilize this documentation in exhibitions of the larger Divergent Fates project. |

Tasks and Responsibilities

Throughout the grant period, the student will continue to assist with tending to the planted trees (watering, weeding, tending to grafts and bends, and installing and adjusting supports).The student will assist with new grafts and bends, as well as participate in a number of scheduled public workshops schedules at the Lynden Sculpture Garden.

Desired Qualifications