Circuit-Backed Tiles

Peck School of the Arts / Art & Design


We are working with civil engineer Konstantin Sobolev to produce concrete tiles (for indoor or outdoor use) completely from recycled materials: recycled concrete, recycled aggregates, recycled nano-particles, and recycled e-waste, among other matter. This continues the studio’s research into aesthetic and ethical objects that both show and utilize electronic waste in new and different ways as well as finds common ground with engineering specialists across other fields.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The student will be working directly with two engineering students (mechanical and civil) in Sobolev’s lab. Early in the summer, the goal is to test, experiment, and play across materials, aesthetics, and design, or order to finalize the forms each tile might take. Next, the goal is to come up with a production plan for producing approximately 100 square feet of tiles. And finally, we want to begin enacting this plan.

Desired Qualifications