Battery Project

Peck School of the Arts / Art & Design


Following on from The World After Us, my exhibition that puts at human-scale various problem-solution spaces for electronic waste, what I am for the moment calling “Art of the Eschaton” will instead look at issues surrounding mining for rare earth minerals, energy consumption, and energy storage. For the battery project we are working with experimental physicist Prasenjit Guptasarma on new battery technologies, which will incorporate the use of significantly less toxic materials, and also require less mining in politically problematic nations. Our goals are to help with the material investigations in the research itself, to embody the scientific and ethical investigation in and through aesthetic forms, and to use the batteries themselves as part of our artistic work.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The student will undergo safety training and work with Prasenjit around how they might use his equipment in new and different ways – both producing sculptural forms and pushing the utilitarian side of this multidisciplinary project.

Desired Qualifications