Art & Design Photography

Peck School of the Arts / Art & Design


We are working on three projects in the studio: a battery project that will incorporate the use of significantly less toxic materials, and also require less mining in politically problematic nations; circuit-backed tiles produced from completely recycled materials; and an earth art project, which includes a large-scale installation that embodies mineral waste in a way that is made felt by viewers, and a “story map” that explicates the implications therein. Whereas the other researchers in my studio will have set project they are each working, the student will have a set role between them, as photographer and art director, helping to conceptualize, set, direct, and produce and aesthetic frame, documentation, and art photography around all of them.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The student will work on all projects in the studio on conceptualization and aesthetic direction, as well as photograph and edited images in and around them. The latter will be used both as documentation, and as artworks in their own right.

Desired Qualifications