Application deadline: March 15, 2023

The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) Cancer Center and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM) will partner to develop an undergraduate research program to train the next generation of high-performing, diverse cancer researchers. The program will be rooted in high-quality science training to benefit students, mentors, and the institutions.

The program’s scope goes beyond typical summer research experiences to provide a continuous research experience throughout the student’s undergraduate education. The program will recruit talented undergraduate students into cancer research labs at MCW early during their undergraduate tenure such that long-lasting, productive scientific relationships will develop between MCW mentors and UWM mentees. We envision the program fostering a lifetime commitment to science among its participants and a long-term productive collaborative relationship between MCW and UWM.

Through the program, students will work one on one with a MCW mentor to develop technical skills and foundational research skills, including:

  • How to identify a significant knowledge gap
  • How to generate and test hypotheses
  • How to rigorously evaluate data
  • How to interpret data to formulate scientifically sound conclusions
  • How to recognize limitations in approaches

Our comprehensive research program activities provide opportunities to develop key competencies including an ability to work independently and to solve problems creatively. Activities include:

  • Research experiences throughout the year with funded part-time opportunities during semesters and full-time opportunities in summers
  • Research proposal writing seminar course culminating in the submission of a proposal for the MCW Cancer Center and UWM Undergraduate Research Program Fellowship
  • Program lab meeting weekly among the trainees during the summer program
  • Program lab meeting at the close of each semester
  • Opportunities to participate in MCW journal clubs and seminar series
  • Written research progress reports
  • Opportunities to attend regional and national scientific conferences
  • Participation in an annual UWM Undergraduate Research Symposium and a MCW Cancer Center sponsored Capstone Symposium


  • Open to all UWM undergraduate students in good academic standing
  • Applicants must identify a MCW faculty mentor. The mentor is not required to be a member of the MCW Cancer Center. Resources will be provided to assist students in finding a mentor.
  • The research project must be cancer relevant.
  • Students must complete the proposal writing seminar course prior to submission of the MCW Cancer Center and UWM Undergraduate Research
  • Program Fellowship Application.
  • Participation in program fundraising is required.