A list of Course-Based Research projects for 2017-18 is available here.  

If you are an incoming student (either a first-time, first-year student or a new transfer) and want to get involved in campus research right away, the First Year Research Experience, or FYRE, could be an excellent opportunity for you.  We have developed this new initiative to increase undergraduate research capacity on campus and to provide a quick start for high-achieving students to get involved in research in their fields of interest.

UWM faculty and research and teaching staff have proposed projects for 2017-18 that are suited for collaborative work with untrained but highly motivated undergraduates.  For 2017-18, the OUR is sponsoring seminars in Architecture, Astrophysics, Chemistry, Freshwater Sciences, Geosciences, History, Public Health, and Theatre.  The complete list is available here.  Six projects will be offered in the fall of 2017; three will be offered in the spring of 2018.  Registration for the fall projects will take place during New Student Orientations.  The projects will be limited to a small enrollment and students must demonstrate appropriate academic preparedness (through an ACT score or past successful course-work).

Questions about the Course-Based Research Program should be directed to Nigel Rothfels (rothfels@uwm.edu), director of the Office of Undergraduate Research.