Teri wanted to advance her nursing knowledge, but because she then was teaching full time and lived in South Dakota, she didn’t want to relocate to attend school.

By joining the UWM College of Nursing’s online doctoral program in the summer of 2013, she has could stay in her hometown and still work toward her degree. She is now finishing her dissertation.

Teri says choosing UWM’s program was easy. “The faculty at UWM’s College of Nursing were among the top in the field, and several received distinction as Fellows of the American Academy of Nursing.”

She took most of her classes online. She came to UWM’s campus for an initial orientation and for two weeks during the Integrated Studies course near the end of her formal coursework.

Teri is happy she chose UWM. “I am most impressed with the rigor and quality of instruction in the College of Nursing. The expertise of the faculty and the level of support they provide to students is the best I have ever experienced.”

She also says the support of UWM’s library staff has been invaluable. “The librarians and staff have tracked down countless resources for me through the Interlibrary Loan and distance education services.”

Although she taught health care administration at the University of South Dakota and plans to return when she finishes her degree, Teri found being a doctoral student at UWM “more of a blessing or a gift to myself than a challenge.

“To my way of thinking,” she says, “the online Ph.D. program has found the perfect balance between high expectations and support of their students.”

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