PSYCH 503, LEC 201

  • Class Number: 66158
  • Course Level: Undergrad/Grad
  • Credits: 3
  • Meets Requirements: , , , , , ,
  • Instructor: Adam S. Greenberg
  • Course Dates:
  • Course Syllabus (.pdf)

This course will explore both the psychological constructs and neuroscientific mechanisms involved in perceiving information from each of the senses. Students will gain a deep understanding of how sensory perception gives rise to our experiences. The course incorporates the newest research in the field, including results from neuroanatomy, brain imaging, and neuropsychology. The course begins by studying vision, the sense about which we know most. A close look at light, color, depth, and motion will be accompanied by a discussion of object perception. We’ll then move to attention, the process by which sensory information is processed (or filtered) by the brain into awareness. This is followed by audition, in which we’ll study how sound is transformed into neural signals and high-level auditory objects (such as language and music). We will end the semester covering the body senses (tactile, proprioception, etc.) followed by the chemical senses (odor and taste). Upon completion of this course, students should understand the fundamental interplay between the sense organs and the central nervous system. In particular, we focus on the critical role of the neocortex in perceiving the world around us.