Media Ethics

JAMS 361, LEC 201

  • Class Number: 66486
  • Course Level: Undergraduate
  • Credits: 3
  • Meets Requirements: Humanities
  • Instructor: David S. Allen
  • Course Dates: July 23-August 18, 2018 (4 weeks)
  • Course Syllabus (.pdf)

Media shape what we know, what we buy, how we are entertained, and how we communicate with other people. What ethical principles are at the foundation of media practice? What is ethical media practice? This class introduces students to a range of ethical theories and decision-making strategies. It then uses those theories and strategies to examine media practice in journalism, advertising, public relations, social media, entertainment, and freedom of expression. Designed for both students who hope to work in the media and for those who interact with media as citizens, the course provides an important foundation for critiquing media practice and thinking about the role media ought to play in a democratic society.