Learning French Culture through Cuisine

Course Details
& Course Number
French 145, LEC 201
Class Number
Course Type
Undergraduate (College of General Studies)
Meets Requirements
Cultural Diversity (CD), Humanities (HU)
Eric Anderson
Course Dates
May 31-July 9, 2022 (6 weeks)
Take a tasty culinary trip this summer as you explore France, its culture and its scrumptious cuisine! This course is about French Culture – especially those things about French culture that can be seen best by looking at French cuisine, and that can help us learn about French cuisine: French Geography (indispensable to understanding French agriculture, and how that is the basis for regional French cuisine), French history (it’s impossible to grasp what French cuisine is now without knowing something about where it came from historically) and French contemporary life. Many cultures in the world, including the French, see their own unique cuisine as a source of pride and identity. When an anthropologist wants to learn about a native culture, one of the first places he or she looks is at what the culture eats. France is not different from other places in this respect.
Course Syllabus (.pdf)