Introductuction to Creative Writing

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ENGLISH 233, LEC 201
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Undergraduate (Milwaukee Campus)
Meets Requirements
Maurice Kilwein-Guevara
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Satisfy Your General Education Arts Requirement While You Enjoy Getting Your Feet Wet as a Creative Writer

The undergraduate catalog description for this course is very basic: “An introduction to the writing of poetry and fiction.”  Let me add a bit more: In this course, we will observe the world closely with an eye to connections between what we experience and how we might represent those experiences using language. We will exercise our imagination on a daily basis. We will read poems, stories, and a play, to see how writers arrange their words in order to entertain and affect their readers both emotionally and intellectually. We’ll also create a little community as we read and comment on each other’s writing. We’ll use Janet Burroway’s classic introductory textbook Imaginative Writing. Our class will be supportive and informative. With daily practice, you’ll continue to improve as a writer and reader, which should make you a better communicator in the future.